Do What You Hate and Quit Sooner Than Later

Ryan Saplan Bio PictureThis is a guest post by Ryan Saplan of ryansaplan.com

They say follow your passion.

They say, do what you love.

They say don’t give up.
They say never quit.
Have you recently asked yourself what you’re truly passionate about?  I mean It’s really all arbitrary. How you feel about what you do fluctuates. You love your business, career, job one week and another week you just like it. And some days you hate it!
Maybe it’s just that you hate certain parts of whatever it is you’re into.  Could be a business, could be writing, it could be a new hobby – but chances are, how you feel today about what it is you do is different than it was 12 months ago.

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Perceptions and Why You Aren’t Always Right


perceptions assumptions personal growth tony robbins eckhart tolle

What you perceive to be true and what is actually true aren’t always the same. In fact, those two things can be so far removed from each other, you might wonder how you ever thought what you thought in the first place.

You’re not always right, this you already know. But what about when you know you’re right, and you take action on that “knowledge”? Who is affected by your behavior when you go on a belief that may actually be incorrect?

Your perceptions define your reality, and your behavior is based on what you believe to be real. Today is a reminder that what you think is true may just be a alternate reality that you made up. [Read more…]

The Everyday Bully and Bullying Behavior


bullies bully bullying cyberbully bullyingBullies come in all shapes and sizes, and have all kinds of mannerisms that different people give different names for. In my opinion, anytime someone wants you to feel bad or forces you to do something against your will, it is bullying.

I recently realized that I was a bully in my marriage. This led to some interesting insights I share in this episode. That, along with learning about how the typical bully ticks (and some things you can do to avoid being a victim of bullying) is what I talk about today.

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The Breakthrough from the Breakdown and a Note on Assumptions


tolle personal growth stress anxiety overwhelmed tony robbinsAre you more important than your “stuff”? I hope you think so, because I know you are. However, when you value stuff a little too much, you tend to stress and get concerned about what will happen to you if your stuff gets damaged or disappears.

Today’s episode isn’t necessarily about stuff, but I do talk about breakthroughs and one way they can happen to you. Stuff comes into play, I promise. I also change the subject and go into a talk on assumptions, and how they can shape our reality if we’re not careful. (And how someone’s assumption about my intentions on the show did shape their reality when they left a critical review for me in iTunes.) Fun “stuff”, huh? [Read more…]

When Those Deeper Negative Emotions Just Won’t Go Away


emotional baggage pain hurt tony robbins

Expressing those deep, negative emotions that you’ve been holding onto from your past should lead to a release of the emotional energy behind them, and free you from the burden of holding onto the pain. However, sometimes what you express, vent or release isn’t all of it, and you need to dig a little deeper to get to the real pain that’s keeping you from moving on.

Today we talk about how to get to that deeper pain. [Read more…]

Setting Goals for People who Hate Setting Goals


setting goals brian tracy tony robbins personal growth

I hate setting goals, so I had to figure out how I could get what I want in life without following the standard goal-setting steps we’re always taught.

Just writing down a goal makes me cringe, but why? Well, I’m not very highly organized and full of energy, so I think that’s half of it.

Today I share how to set goals when you hate setting goals. It’s a slap in the face to typical goal-setting advice, but that’s what typically happens on this show anyway. [Read more…]

When Others Aren’t Ready for you to Evolve


learn heal grow evolve personal growth teacher tony robbinsUnfortunately, the more we grow and evolve, the more others who aren’t ready to do the same will want us to stay the same. If you’re around friends and family who just can’t seem to get on board with you getting healthier, what do you do? Do you just pretend to be the same old person you always were around them just to keep them happy? Or do you embrace this new you and leave it up to them to get used to the new you?

Important questions, especially since we all know at least one person that probably doesn’t support our evolution. Is there an easy path where everyone can get along magically? Nope. But there is a path, and that’s what I’ll be talking about today.

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The 5 Simple Realizations of a Peaceful Mind


peace joy happiness eckhart tolle, comfort zone

With so many paths to a destination that seems impossible to reach, it’s hard to believe we can ever get there at all! I’m referring to peace, of course.

Attaining a peaceful mind during a chaotic moment can be an exercise in futility, but is there any reason you can’t attain peace between the chaotic moments in life?

I think we think too much between those moments, and it’s time to access a less stressful space so that we can at least connect with ourselves before the next big crisis hits.

Time to learn some simple realizations of a peaceful mind so that we can let go of stress once in a while.  [Read more…]

What’s the Point of Life Without Joy and Happiness?


resistance ego eckhart tolle power of now present momentInspired by a message from a listener who is in a pretty dark place, I thought I’d tackle the question of finding purpose and meaning in life when you aren’t experiencing joy and happiness. He asked, “What’s the point?”

There is purpose in life, and it’s found in every moment.

Today’s special mention: The book The Art of Work (free until March 23rd, 2015). It’s been called a “proven path to discovering what you were meant to do.”

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More Motivation and Less Anxiety by Building a Healthy Ego


ego eckhart tolle empower othersWhen so many spiritual teachers and personal growth gurus are telling us to let go of our egos, I come along and tell you to build it up!

I don’t disagree that letting go of ego is a fantastic place to be, but after having experienced it for a few months, I was ready to regain my ego and rebuild it in a way that served me and others around me best.

It’s time to visit the ego and figure out how to build and evolve it so that it releases our fears, insecurities and anxieties. Who knows, maybe you just need to inflate your ego a bit to create the peace and ease you want in your life!

Today’s special mention: The Art of Work. It’s a book that’s been called a “proven path to discovering what you were meant to do.” It’s free – get it here[Read more…]

Sometimes the End of a Relationship is the Beginning of a New Challenge


couples marriage counseling new relationship therapy counselingRelationships end, unfortunately. But sometimes what you think is the hardest part (the breakup) turns out to be tame compared to what follows. Your ex may not want it to end so they do things that make you uncomfortable. Or, the one you “dumped” is still friends with your friends and family, so the ties are harder to break and the distance harder to attain. What do you do when this kind of stuff happens? I address a couple of emails asking these very questions on today’s episode. 

Today’s quick mention is Jeff Goin’s new book called The Art of Work. It’s been called a “proven path to discovering what you were meant to do.” I want you to pursue and grab your life’s purpose so get the book for free today! (not free shipping, but it comes with tons of bonuses I know you’ll love).
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Live Couple’s Coaching Session – Disrespect and Hysteria! Part 2


couples coaching relationship marriage counseling therapyIn part 2 of this couple’s coaching session, we wrap up the lessons from part 1 and close up any loops (unfinished or unresolved problems) that may be left open.

Michael still feels that Daria is leaving him out of her decisions and wants to know how he can get over this feeling. It appears Daria is just making plans to move out and Michael has fears because of it. We address those fears and discuss what’s really happening.

Today’s special mention:  fulldisclosurefitness.com. If you want to lose weight and learn the facts, listen to this great physical fitness podcast! [Read more…]

Live Couple’s Coaching Session – Disrespect and Hysteria! Part 1


couples coaching counseling relationship therapy disrespectMichael feels disrespected and wants Daria to relax her consistent need to get what she wants. Daria wants Michael to be a bit less controlling and fearful of the future. They are at opposite ends of the spectrum and can’t seem to come to a solution, or at least a little closer to a middle ground.

This is a live coaching session where I help them get closer to that middle ground so that they can find more peace in their day to day relationship.

Today’s special mention:  fulldisclosurefitness.com. If you want to lose weight and learn the facts, listen to this great physical fitness podcast! [Read more…]

The Personal Emotional Challenges that Keep us From Business Success


depression anxiety happy successWhen I started The Overwhelmed Brain, I had no clue how I would be able to sustain it. But, fearlessly, I purchased audio equipment and set my sights on the target of creating a weekly radio show that would spread my message. About 6 months into it, I realized that a show likes this takes an income to support it. So, once again fearlessly, I quit my job and started doing the show full time.

But soon after that, I realized something big… I could not sustain this without making money. So I dug into savings to live off of for a while, and soon I was exploring my options to make this show and everything associated with it more than just a hobby… I had to make it into a living.

Pursuing a passion does involve creating a way to sustain that passion. In this episode, I am interviewed by Mike Sutton about the emotional aspects of running a business, and what it takes to get beyond the fears and doubts that almost everyone in business, whether their own or working for someone else, goes through.  [Read more…]

Start Trusting Your Instincts


instinct feelings intuition sixth sense inner guidanceDo you trust your instincts? If not, why not? Let’s get practical and talk about where they come from and why we have them. Instincts are here to protect us, but sometimes we don’t listen.

It’s time to start trusting a part of us that knows more than we “think”.

Today’s special mention: www.fulldisclosurefitness.com. This guy knows his stuff! If you want to shed those pounds, and want the science behind it to show you the way, listen to his show! [Read more…]

13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do with Amy Morin


13 things mentally strong people don't do - Amy MorinAmy Morin, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, wrote the book 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do. After a few devastating events in her life, she made the list in hopes to heal herself, or at least start the process.

After publishing it as a blog article, it went viral. And soon, millions learned the 13 things that they might be doing to prevent them from becoming mentally stronger. I reached to Amy and we had a great conversation about her list. Join me for this informative episode that may just change your life. [Read more…]

Happening To Your Career with Scott Barlow


money career job work paycheck quitScott Barlow, an “End-Up Prevention Specialist” (ha ha, you might need to listen to figure that one out!) joins me in a special episode about changing your career. Scott is sort of a Career Mentor, in the sense that he guides people that want to change their job into their career. He does this by walking them through a process that narrows down what they actually want to do with their life, at least when it comes to work.

But work is life, or it can be a good chunk of it. Work is something almost all of us do with the majority of our time. Even if you’re financially independent, there is usually some work involved getting there.  [Read more…]

True Wealth Starts by Doing This One Thing First

networking business relationships wealthThere’s absolutely no secret to what I’m about to tell you. People have been doing it for years, and they will continue to do it for years to come. There is one thing I learned to do that has increased all of my opportunities including romance, business, and money, and that’s this: Networking. 

Networking is all about adding human resources to your life. The more resources you have, the more options you have. The more options you have, the more you can do in your life.  “Human resources” are those people that know things that you don’t know, and have access to people you don’t have access to. [Read more…]

Reducing Negative Self-Talk


stress overwhelm anxiety depression If the voices in your head are saying anything but positive messages to you, then this is the show for you.

Negative inner dialogue can prevent you from almost everything you want to do in life. So many opportunities will be missed, all because you listened to a voice that is likely misleading you to believing you are something less than you are.

It’s time to switch around those inner voices so that they support you, and maybe even make you laugh. [Read more…]

Closing the Past to Open the Future


emotions depression anxiety happyWhen you have negative thoughts and emotions floating around in your head more times than not, the choices you make going forward in life are going to be influenced. After all, whatever is swimming around in your head at the time of a decision is what typically affects your decision. If you are carrying around old baggage, it’s time to drop those emotional bags off so that you can create your future without fears or worry. [Read more…]